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VMAX Test Results

Test Results for VMAX Screen Shield Tempered Glass

PropertyCharacteristicUnitSpecificationResultTest Method
Dimension Thickness ? 330±5 335 Micrometer Method
Optical Transmittance % ≥97.0 98.5 JIS K-7105 (ASTM D1003)
Optical Haze % ≤0.3 0.2 JIS K-7105 (ASTM D1003)
Mechanical Hardness (without Silicone Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA)) H ≥9H 9H Pencil Hardness Test
Mechanical Adhesion - 100/100 100/100 JIK s-5600
Mechanical Steel Wool (250g/100 times) - No Scratches No Scratches S/W #0000

Testing standard: In accordance with ASTM D1000 methods.

Shelf Life

Minimum of 12 months when stored in original packaging at approximately 25℃ and 65% relative humidity.