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Oleophobic Coating

What is oleophobic coating?

Oleophobic coating is an oil-resistant coating that is applied to smartphones and tablet touch screens to protect the touch screen from natural finger oil or skin oil from your face while talking on the phone.

Oleophobic when translated from Greek literally means "afraid of oil", but Oleophobic does not mean “oil proof” or “smudge-proof”. You will still leave fingerprints on your smartphone or tablet’s screen which becomes obvious after using your touch screen device for a few minutes.

However, the oleophobic coating is designed to repel the oils and dirt from your skin making it easier to clean with just a microfibre cloth. The skin oils will not “stick” to the screen so they will be easy to simply wipe off.

You won’t need any cleaning chemicals, water or other fluids to clean your touch screens, just a cleaning cloth and a small amount of energy.

Why you should not use cleaning solutions on your touch screen?

The special oleophobic coating on your device’s touch screen is there to help wipe fingerprints, oils and dirt off of the screen easy with just a microfibre cloth.

If you use cleaning fluids regularly on your screen you will remove the oleophobic coating and leave your touchscreen without any protective coating.

Once the oleophobic coating is removed you will still get the same amount of fingerprints on your screen, but a cleaning cloth or microfibre cloth will not easily remove these marks any longer.