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VMAX Tempered Glass

Anti-Scratch Tempered Glass - 9H Rating

Sharp metal objects will not mark or scratch tempered glass.

The surface of VMAX Screen Shield tempered glass screen protectors have a hardness of 9H which is three times harder than regular screen protectors. Sharp metal objects, such as knives and keys, that come into contact with VMAX tempered glass screen protectors will not leave marks or scratches.

What is tempered glass?

Touch Screen Sensitivity

Your touch screen's sensitivity will not be altered.

VMAX Screen Shield tempered glass screen protectors are backed with a coating of strong silicone pressure sensitive adhesive. The silicon adhesive used by VMAX provides for easy installation, but most importantly the silicon adhesive allows the screen protector to attach firmly to your smartphone or tablet touch screen so the sensitivity of your touch screen is not altered. Installing a VMAX Screen Shield tempered glass screen protector will not change your touch screen’s sensitivity.

How is the touch screen sensitivity maintained? 

Curved Edge Technology

Prevents chipping, adds strength, feels good.

All edges, including around the start button key holes, use innovative cutting technology and polishing techniques to create the 2.5⁰ arc curved edge. The curved edge finish provides a pleasant feel, but more importantly adds further strength to the tempered glass screen protector to prevent chipping and crushing.

Oleophobic Coating

Prevents marking and easy to clean.

The VMAX nanostructured oleophobic coating prevents marking from fingerprints, oils and other contaminants. The oleophobic coating makes the VMAX Screen Shield tempered glass screen protector easy to keep clean with a screen cloth or microfibre cloth without using any cleaning fluids.

What is oleophobic coating?
What is nanostructured coating?

Anti-Shatter Film

An additional safety measure.

VMAX Screen Shield contains a thin layer of anti-shatter film. If tempered glass is broken it breaks into small pieces that are not sharp, making it safer than other glass products. The layer of anti-shatter film prevents these small pieces from dispersing and keeps the broken screen intact. 

VMAX Screen Protector Testing

Tests for transmittance, haze, hardness, adhesion and scratching.

Testing has been undertaken on VMAX tempered glass screen protectors for hardness, transmittance, haze, adhesion, scratching and thickness using various standard testing methods.

What were the test methods used? 
What were the test results?