iPhone 5/5s VMAX Tempered Glass Screen Protector

iPhone 5/5s VMAX Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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  • Genuine tempered glass.
  • Shatter-proof film.
  • Highly touch sensitive.
  • Nanostructured oleophobic coating.
  • Extreme hardness rating of 9H.
  • Pressure sensitive silicone coating.
  • Easy installation with no air bubbles.

Package includes:
1 x iPhone 5/5s premium tempered glass screen protector.
1 x Screen cleaning swab.
1 x Microfibre cloth.
1 x Dust remover.
2 x Screen repositioning stickers.
1 x Installation instructions.

iPhone 5/5s VMAX Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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iPhone 5/5s Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Protect your iPhone 5/5s screen from damage and scratches with this special tempered glass screen protector designed specifically for the iPad Air.

Multiple Layer Technology
  • Nanostructured oleophobic coating.
  • Tempered glass.
  • Anti-shatter film.
  • Silicone coating.

VMAX Screen Shield tempered glass screen protectors are constructed using advanced multiple layer technology consisting of:

  • Nanostructured oleophobic coating.
  • Genuine tempered glass.
  • Shatter-proof film.
  • Pressure sensitive silicone coating.
  • Total thickness of only 0.33mm.
  • Accurately cut for each screen specification.
  • Polished curved edge technology.
  • Edge to edge transparency.

VMAX Screen Shield tempered glass screen protectors are:

  • Not scratched by sharp objects like keys and knives.
  • Three times stronger than non-glass screen protectors.
  • Oleophobic coated, just like your touch screen smartphone or tablet, to resist marking.
  • Touch screen sensitivity is not altered.
Materials Tempered Glass, Anti-Shock Film, Oleophobic Coating, Pressure-Sensitive Silicone Adhesive
Device Compatibility iPhone 5/5s
Hardness 9H
Edges Chip Resistant, Smooth 2.5° Arc Curved Edge
Transparency 98.5% (whole screen area)
Thickness 0.33mm
Anti-Scratch 9H Rated Tempered Glass

The surface of VMAX Screen Shield tempered glass screen protectors have a hardness of 9H which is three times harder than regular screen protectors. Sharp metal objects, such as knives and keys, that come into contact with VMAX tempered glass screen protectors will not leave marks or scratches. Read more about tempered glass »

Touch Screen Sensitivity

VMAX Screen Shield tempered glass screen protectors are backed with a coating of strong silicone pressure sensitive adhesive. The silicon adhesive used by VMAX provides for easy installation, but most importantly the silicon adhesive allows the screen protector to attach firmly to your smartphone or tablet touch screen so the sensitivity of your touch screen is not altered. Installing a VMAX Screen Shield tempered glass screen protector will not change your touch screen’s sensitivity. Maintaining screen touch sensitivity »

Curved Edge Technology

All edges, including around the start button key holes, use innovative cutting technology and polishing techniques to create the 2.5⁰ arc curved edge. The curved edge finish provides a pleasant feel, but more importantly adds further strength to the tempered glass screen protector to prevent chipping and crushing.

Oleophobic Coating

The VMAX nanostructured oleophobic coating prevents marking from fingerprints, oils and other contaminants. The oleophobic coating makes the VMAX Screen Shield tempered glass screen protector easy to keep clean with a screen cloth or microfibre cloth without using any cleaning fluids. Further information about oleophobic coating »

Anti-Shatter Film

VMAX Screen Shield contains a thin layer of anti-shatter film. If tempered glass is broken it breaks into small pieces that are not sharp, making it safer than other glass products. However, the anti-shatter film prevents the broken small pieces from dispersing and keeps the broken screen intact.

Test Results for VMAX Screen Shield Tempered Glass
PropertyCharacteristicUnitSpecificationTest ResultTest Method
Dimension Thickness μm 330±5 335 Micrometer Method
Optical Transmittance % ≥97.0 98.5 JIS K-7105 (ASTM D1003)
Optical Haze % ≤0.3 0.2 JIS K-7105 (ASTM D1003)
Mechanical Hardness (without Silicone Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA)) H ≥9H 9H Pencil Hardness Test
Mechanical Adhesion - 100/100 100/100 JIK s-5600
Mechanical Steel Wool (250g/100 times) - No Scratches No Scratches S/W #0000

Testing standard: In accordance with ASTM D1000 methods.

Shelf Life

Minimum of 12 months when stored in original packaging at approximately 25℃ and 65% relative humidity.

VMAX Screen Shield Installation

Please do not perform installation in a dusty environment.

Please read installation steps thoroughly before proceeding.

DO NOT TOUCH THE SPECIAL SILICON-ADHESIVE SIDE OF THE GLASS.  (This is the side where you peel off the protective plastic cover.)

  1. Use the included alcohol swab to clean your screen.

  2. Use the microfibre cleaning cloth to dry and wipe the screen.

  3. Apply the anti-dust sticker onto the screen to blot away any remaining dust particles.

  4. Remove the transparent protective plastic protector on the tempered glass before applying.

  5. Align glass to your device using home button and edges as a guide.

  6. The glass screen protector will adhere itself to your screen.

  7. As a final step, wipe over the glass with your microfibre cleaning cloth and you are ready to use.

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Screen Protector

Kelly from Australia Owner 23 September 2014

Couldn't believe how easy it was to install. The screen is so smooth, you don't even know it's on there, unlike other ones where the screen gets bubbles. It looks great & is perfect for iPhone 5. Delivery was quick and customer service were very helpful.


Louise from Australia Owner 04 August 2014

So so easy to install, screen is beautiful, thin and clear and tough. With previous Ebay screens I had difficulty with touch function after the screen was on. This one is perfect. So far I have dropped it a few times no breaks. Customer service was excellent and delivery so fast.