Power Banks

activpower Fast Charging Power Banks

Portable Power Banks

For most smartphone users, happiness is a fully-charged battery. With a portable power bank you will never be out of charge.

The high resolution displays, powerful processors and the many features of smart phones, ipads and iphones, mean these devices consume a lot of power. These devices need to be constantly charged and it's not possible to stay glued to a wall socket. So a power bank is a great option.

A power bank's size makes it portable and convenient and at activfone in Melbourne we stock fast-charging power banks in various sizes.

Our power banks can charge smartphones, tablets and any USB-powered device.

Power Banks for Travelling

Smartphones are an essential tool when travelling. We use them for travel itineraries, maps, apps using gps, capturing travel pictures and keeping in contact with home. All of these functions require a lot of battery power and with power points nowhere to be found a portable power bank becomes a life-saver for all travellers.

Power Banks for Precious Moments

Never miss an opportunity for that memorable shot. From your child's sporting events, a wedding, birthday, a day at the beach or any social function you want to capture the moment and share with others. Don't let a flat battery stop you. Consider having a power bank on hand to never miss a precious moment.

Power Banks for Safety

A low battery is the worst thing you can have when you need to make an urgent or emergency call. There's nothing worse than being unable to contact your children when their phone goes flat. It's not pleasant for kids either when they need to contact home and there's not charge in their phone. A power bank is a definite must have to be safe.

Power Banks are Portable

You can put a power bank in your pocket, purse or handbag and move around with it. They are light and compact for your convenience.

Compatible with Multiple Devices

A power bank has a standard USB port. This makes it compatible with different brands and you can charge any device that has a USB port - smartphones, tablets, iPods, bluetooth headsets and even gaming consoles. A quality power bank will work on multiple devices.